Featuring the Dodocool Over-Ear Stereo USB Gaming Headset for PC

Ironically you can’t find this dodocool Over-Ear Stereo USB Gaming Headset over at Amazon and I was only able to find it at TomTop.  Dodocool is a brand that makes my favorite 3D Earbuds so I am curious to know how their headset products are myself.  This is a Virtual 7.1 surround headphones that claims to support PC, Mac or PlayStation 4.  Though the Virtual 7.1 is only compatible when connected to a PC, when used … Read more

October Deals on Power Banks, USB Hub and More

This week we bring you some partner deals that are between 15% and 40% off depending on the type of product you want.  Dodocool is a brand we work with and have provided some excellent quality products for us to review in the past year.  For the next few days you can get a discount off of the following products. dodocool Aluminum Alloy Dual USB-C Hub with Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C Port, SD/TF Card Reader, … Read more

Dodocool iPhone SD Card Reader and Lightning Cable

Expanding storage or backing up media for your iPhone is becoming increasingly more important and Dodocool has a unique product which is a Lightning Cable SD Card reader that allows you to use a MicroSD card as a storage device for your iPhone or iPad with the KisDisk app.  I tested up to 64GB MicroSD card and the app was able to see and leverage the card just fine transferring images and video very quickly. … Read more