Buying a Domain Name? How to Avoid Regret By Choosing the Right Domain Name

Every previous online business owner will tell you that the most difficult part of buying a domain name or even starting an online identity is finding the one you prefer that is available. If you’ve already managed to come up with a domain name idea that other people haven’t already taken, check out these considerations on how and where to buy it. Assess the domain you want to buy Search for trademarks to avoid possible … Read more

10 Best Blog Name Generators For Your WordPress Blog

Naming your blog is an as important decision as naming your child, as it is going to be represented to millions of people on the internet, even after your death. So naming a blog is extremely important for various reasons. Firstly, let’s uncover, why naming your blog site is so important. It Is The Identity Of Your Site The first identity of your site to the readers will be the name of it. Irrespective of … Read more

How Many Domains Do You Register Per Year?

At first it was to start my online blog, I didn’t really care where I bought the domain from at the time I just purchased it from the same hosting provider where I wanted my site built.  Then as time grew I started looking for other places to register a domain and use them for different purposes my first year venturing into blogging it was 3 domains, by my 2nd year I had 7 domains … Read more

Managing Domain Names with Off Site DNS

Very few hosting providers offer off-site DNS, GoDaddy is the only major one that I know of, so when I switched from a Bluehost shared hosting plan to WebSynthesis back in February I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I need an Offsite DNS management because WebSynthesis only hosts your WordPress they don’t do any domain management at all. Most hosting providers that use CPanel like Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster…etc require that you have a … Read more