3 Hottest New Game Releases

As the coronavirus pandemic makes its mark on the world, many video game players are thrilled to learn that one of their favourite pastimes is now in-fashion as people get used to self-isolation. Luckily for gamers, a number of exciting titles are continually being released across all platforms that are sure to take the sting out of the situation. Let’s take a look at some of the latest most anticipated game releases that could help … Read more

DOOM Eternal — A Game You Will Love in 2020

The Doom franchise dates back to 1993 when the original version of the game got the attention of all shooter-game fans. Over the years, several new versions appeared, and the latest one saw the light of day this year. Since last month, we have the opportunity to try out DOOM Eternal. The principle of the game has stayed the same, with first-person gameplay and plenty of demons to shoot down. On the other hand, the … Read more

Enter to Win a PC Copy of Doom Eternal

I was watching Gamerunner250 play Doom Eternal for hte Dragon Bloggers Twitch channel a few weeks back and the game just looked so good I wanted to get a copy and give it away.  So for all of you who wanted a PC copy of Doom Eternal but didn’t have the scratch, here is your chance to enter to win a Bethesda PC Key for Doom Eternal.  Enjoy this fine shooter on your Gaming PC … Read more