Dota 2: The Online Battle Game You Need to Play in 2019

Currently, videogaming is one of the most popular activities for children, teenagers, and many adults to spend their time doing. For many, finding a new game to play in 2019 is a new year’s resolution. Online battle games are becoming increasingly popular, and it can be easy to dismiss them as all being the same, but there is one game that should not be overlooked: Dota 2. While many games offer the same aspects and benefits, … Read more

Tips and Tricks on How to Use Your Hero in Dota 2

Since Dota 2 was first released back in 9th July 2013, it has had online gamers hooked. Most of these gamers do not really understand how to use their Hero. We thought it would be a great idea to help these gamers by offering them some tips and tricks on how to use their hero in Dota 2. This article won’t talk about all the heroes in Dota 2. To get more information about Dota … Read more

Playing Dota 2 as a Newbie

Starting off is hard in any field, but MOBAs can be particularly daunting in this regard. And I am not talking about aiming for the professional arena, but casually playing with friends. It was a regular autumn day with the cold wind blowing raindrops against the window, and my girlfriend, Jenny, decided she wanted to try playing Dota 2. I’m not sure whether she was so bored and tired of her usual hobbies, or wanted … Read more