5 Must-Have Tech Toys for Kids in 2018

With the holiday season right around the corner, more and more parents are looking for gifts for their kids. Of course, they’ll have the usual favorites on their list, but sometimes you want to find something they don’t even know exists and will WOW them when they open it. Every year, here at DragonBlogger, we keep our eye out for the best gifts in every category, so take a look at our current favorites we’d … Read more

Top 5 Kid’s Drone in 2017

Nowadays, one of the coolest gifts you can get your kids is Kid’s Drone. These drones are not only an object for entertainment; they also help the children to grow their brain and can get them interested in learning technologies. As the holiday period is quickly approaching, a drone can be the perfect gift to keep your children happy and busy this summer. They will be seen as “cool” kids amongst their friends. Factors to … Read more