What Language Learning Apps do you need now?

Image Source When you consider years gone by, speaking to someone in another language would have meant taking intense courses or even courses spread out over several years in order to become as fluent as possible. This was time-consuming and hard work but now times have changed because we all lead busier lifestyles. People are busier than they ever have been, we have more commitments, we meet with friends more, we flirt more and we … Read more

Popular Tools for Your Smartphone to Study a Foreign Language

Learning an extra language is hard. Often it feels like you’re trying to change the course of a river. And it can be incredibly frustrating as you can hammer away at it without feeling that you’re booking any result. That can be discouraging. Still, the benefits of doing so are so immense that to not at least try means you’re selling yourself short. Learning another language can help you: Become smarter Learn to be better … Read more