Even Online Writers Should Always Check Their Work

      Almost every writer can identify with this all too familiar scenario. You are in front of your computer. The blinking cursor on an empty word document seems to say ‘this is due’, ‘you must write’, ‘think of something new creative and fresh.’ All of a sudden the blinking mantra inspires you. The words flow easier than you could have imagined. Shortly, you are sitting in front of your completed article feeling satisfied. … Read more

Prevent Duplicate Content with these Quick SEO Checks

If you are in the SEO industry, the duplicate content can become one of your nightmares. If you are a savvy webmaster, you will definitely not want to post the same content twice. But, sometimes, despite all our efforts, duplicate content gets published without our knowledge. How can you prevent them from publishing? Here are some simple SEO checks. Scraper Sites: As you cannot reclaim your stolen content with the help of any Internet police, … Read more