EasySMX Cool 2000 Headset Giveaway and Review

We are giving away the EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headset, this is a review unit that was used for the purpose of the review and is being sent out.  I was sent 2 units because 1 unit box didn’t have a 3.5mm joiner like it was supposed to come with so instead of sending me just the joiner I was sent a 2nd headset.  I finished my review of the headset which it ends up … Read more

EasySMX Wireless Gaming Controller Review

EasySMX reached out and asked if we wanted to review their newer Wireless Gaming controller after we had reviewed their wired gaming controller last year and I was more than happy to give it a shot and see how it fared for online games.  Monster Hunter World just came out for PC Steam recently and this is one of the rarer games that simply does not work as well with mouse and keyboard as it … Read more

EasySMX Kotion Each G1200 Gaming Headset Review

This is a review of the EasySMX Kotion Each G1200 which is a budget gaming headset that works with PC/MAC/PS4/Xbox One or mobile devices (for gaming/music only) but not for having phone calls on mobile devices.  This headset is fairly straight forward and is nearly identical to other Kotion Each gaming headsets with a few notable differences pointed out below. Unboxing the EasySMX Kotion Each G1200 So what you get is the same plastic and cheap … Read more