The Top 5 eReaders on the Market

Ever since eReaders were first introduced to the public, they have taken the world by storm. There are numerous options to choose from, which can cause a bit of confusion when it comes to choosing the one that best meets your needs and wants. For this reason, we decided to undertake the task of researching [...]

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5 Top Selling Laptops on Amazon

Laptop computers still remain an important part of computer market for consumers. These powerful mobile devices can be used like a tablet and still have the power of a desktop PC. There are many brands and types of laptops but the following models that have been listed here are among the best on the market. [...]

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Will Every Appliance Be Internet Connected?

Smart Appliances have been touted for years but really haven't become mainstream outside of your living room.  Internet Connected appliances however are invading every room of your house from the Kitchen to the Laundry room.  It will not be long before every device that plugs into the wall doesn't have some sort of Internet connectivity [...]

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