The Vampire Diaries –A Town in Trouble

Episode two of The Vampire Diaries was even better than the first.  So many things happened that it’s hard to know which is the most disturbing at this point.  Plus this is the first time almost all of them have been in the crosshairs of someone. Elena is not adjusting well to being a vampire since her body is rejecting all blood except straight from the vein human blood.  I never thought a vampire could … Read more

The Vampire Diaries – Is Elena a Vampire?

If you have seen any of the previews for season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, then you know that Elena is refusing to become a vampire after dying in the season 3 finale and everyone finding out she had been given vampire blood to heal her.  While fans may be upset that it looks like she might die, have no fear, if she did the show would be over and we wouldn’t have a season … Read more