Space Legs Finally Coming to Elite Dangerous

There used to be a running joke for 5 years now that space legs would come to Elite: Dangerous before Star Citizen fully released and looks like that is actually happening.   Recently Frontier studios announced their next expansion pack coming in 2021 for Elite: Dangerous titled Odyssey which will finally allow you to take your commanders outside of your space ship to explore planets and it looks more than simply a walking simulator from the … Read more

The Best Way To Play Elite Dangerous: Joystick vs Keyboard + Mouse

Elite Dangerous definitely packs a lot of gaming adventure with its galactic set-up and a wide-open horizon of star systems, asteroids, black holes and an open-ended, epic-level multi-player facet. As you win or lose these huge battles you reshape the new frontier for humanity.  And with Horizons 2.4 release you now have Thargoids the mysterious alien insect race to contend with and face! So how do you make the most of such an epic game … Read more

Tales from Elite Dangerous and My Experience with a Type-9

I have been a fan of Elite since the Commodore 64 days and played Frontier Elite II on the Amiga computer, so I was an early backer on Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous and have sent a lot of time in this game over the past two years owning the Horizons Season Pass and enjoying each update as it comes out.  Throughout all this time, I haven’t yet earned my way to one of the flagships … Read more

Where to Find Pristine Metallic Rings to Mine in Elite Dangerous

Mining for Painite in Elite: Dangerous can be a good way to earn credits in a shorter period of time than bounty hunting but only if you find what is called pristine metallic rings to mine. These are rings that surround a gas giant that are metal rich.  There is a much higher percent chance of not only finding painite but asteroids that have higher quantities of painite in them when you mine in pristine … Read more

Exploring Moons in Elite Dangerous Horizons

One of my favorite games lately and has been for about a year is Elite Dangerous, this game is a Space sandbox MMO where you create your own story, there is no campaign to follow or singular story, instead you get immersed into a Galaxy where each solar system has it’s own independant factions as well as there being powers that control multiple systems.  You join any of the powers and small factions or none … Read more

Elite: Dangerous on Steam and Still Playing

Last week Elite: Dangerous came to Steam and it comes to Xbox One with improvements and new features planned.  It already came to the Mac a few weeks ago.  This open ended Space Simulator has a brutal learning curve for those new to the genre and even docking and landing at a space station is a challenge until you learn your controls, movements.  I had played the original elite, but hadn’t played EVE Online or … Read more

Elite: Dangerous Review in Progress and Failed Combat Training

So recently I have been playing Elite: Dangerous any chance I can get and I will honestly tell you it isn’t much, since the game released in December 2014 and I had to move in January my gaming time was very limited and I spent the last two months just doing partial tutorials and training.  My take on playing any game is to beat all tutorials before diving into the full game story or online … Read more