The Best Way To Play Elite Dangerous: Joystick vs Keyboard + Mouse

Elite Dangerous definitely packs a lot of gaming adventure with its galactic set-up and a wide-open horizon of star systems, asteroids, black holes and an open-ended, epic-level multi-player facet. As you win or lose these huge battles you reshape the new frontier for humanity.  And with Horizons 2.4 release you now have Thargoids the mysterious [...]

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Tales from Elite Dangerous and My Experience with a Type-9

I have been a fan of Elite since the Commodore 64 days and played Frontier Elite II on the Amiga computer, so I was an early backer on Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous and have sent a lot of time in this game over the past two years owning the Horizons Season Pass and enjoying each [...]

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Where to Find Pristine Metallic Rings to Mine in Elite Dangerous

Mining for Painite in Elite: Dangerous can be a good way to earn credits in a shorter period of time than bounty hunting but only if you find what is called pristine metallic rings to mine. These are rings that surround a gas giant that are metal rich.  There is a much higher percent chance [...]

Exploring Moons in Elite Dangerous Horizons

One of my favorite games lately and has been for about a year is Elite Dangerous, this game is a Space sandbox MMO where you create your own story, there is no campaign to follow or singular story, instead you get immersed into a Galaxy where each solar system has it's own independant factions as [...]

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Elite: Dangerous Review in Progress and Failed Combat Training

So recently I have been playing Elite: Dangerous any chance I can get and I will honestly tell you it isn't much, since the game released in December 2014 and I had to move in January my gaming time was very limited and I spent the last two months just doing partial tutorials and training. [...]

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