Is Outlook better than Gmail?-[Know Here]

Most of the organizations use Outlook and Gmail email clients, but no one knows which is better. Some of them go with Outlook as a better email client, and some of them opt for Gmail. Through this guide, you get to know “Is Outlook better than Gmail or not?”. When we talk about email service, always we think about Gmail and Outlook. As these are the top-most email clients, users mostly used them for sending … Read more

How to Bold Unread Messages in Postbox

I have switched from Thunderbird to Postbox as my email client recently as I wanted to see if it was more stable and crashed less often than Thunderbird. I use an email desktop client primarily because I run multiple separate Gmail accounts some are business app emails like my one and some are my personal accounts.  The problem is the web based gmail has issues switching back and forth occasionally still but I like … Read more