Gadgets and CA Certificates: Keeping Your Gadgets Safe

It is becoming more important than ever to think about security when it comes to mobile devices and do you know that most mobile friendly websites still opt to have non-ssl versions of their mobile site instead of SSL.  They do this because a non-SSL or encrypted website serves traffic faster and on a mobile device speed is even more important to get to the information you want as mobile devices unless you are 4G … Read more

Thinking About Email Encryption?

Are you thinking about email encryption? You know you really should at the very least consider it. Why? Well it’s become pretty clear that snooping on emails is not just technically possible but is actually happening on a wide scale and it’s not just restricted to the security services of the UK, USA and other governments, Google also appear to be using it’s ability to view emails of users of their Gmail service. It really … Read more