Windows Tip: Search contents of files using Windows Search

Windows search is quite good and does it’s job quite well. Many of us including me rely on Windows Search for finding many files/folders from my own drive and folders and mostly in downloads as it contains many files I don’t always remember. Windows let you search for text within a file but it is limited to certain file types by default and I am going to show how you can expand this search feature to search within more file types as well.

Ballloon Saves Online Images and Documents to Dropbox , Google Drive, OneDrive and Box

File hosting and Synchronization services like Google Drive or Dropbox is always a nice choice for those who have multiple devices. You can visit your files almost everywhere. But how can you save a file, for example a cool image, from the web you are viewing to your Clouds? Many download and upload steps are ahead. Now, here comes Ballloon to solve this problem, to make the world a little better. You can download the … Read more

cortex step 1

3 Chrome Extensions to Empower Bloggers

According to in 2012 there were 42 million blogs clocking-in on WordPress, publishing half a million posts a day. Apparently, only 8% of bloggers are able to earn enough money to support a family. Blogging is hard.     The job calls for better content, better promotion, and emerging features. Luckily, web developers are meeting this demand with a wide variety of tools, including extensions. The following three extensions help to power bloggers by making … Read more