HyperAlerts 2 for Tracking Facebook Fanpage Conversations

The Facebook Fanpage is where it’s at for Dragon Blogger and most of my engagement goes on over there despite having almost twice as many followers on Twitter.  Facebook however still does not give you a good way to keep track of engagement on your fanpage without manually checking your notifications and private messages. This is where a service like HyperAlerts kicks in, and the new HyperAlerts 2.0 goes much further than the previous version. … Read more

Best Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook fans are pretty much as important as RSS feed subscribers for a blog. Today people are engaging more on Facebook and their mail boxes are full of spam mails which they don’t even care to open. In such a scenario, one can easily conclude that increasing Facebook fans by buying would be the easiest way to connect with them. If you are on the edge of doing such a thing as purchasing Facebook likes however, then … Read more