Facebook Game Train Station Review

This is another Facebook game. and as you can see from my screenshot, I have done a little playing. I have around 6 trains with over 20 cars attached. I have 2 tracks and two streets in my town, and while this game is not the most exciting game I have played in a long while, it isn’t too bad either. The object as I have seen it so far is to build trains to … Read more

Kings Road a Facebook Game Worth Traveling

This is one of the newest games on Facebook, and it is one of my newest favorites. Unlike so many of the other games on Facebook that require you to endlessly build up your forces only to log back in to find you have been attacked and have to rebuild everything, this one is different. When you start, you go through a short tutorial, and choose what kind of character you want to be. A … Read more

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is not Plants vs. Zombies 2

Before Plants vs. Zombies 2 comes out this summer, there is a new Plants vs. Zombies Facebook game coming called Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.  This game which his designed to be social and has elements where you can launch zombie attacks against neighboring farms as well as growing and expanding your own farm with new buildings takes a different twist on this beloved game. In Plants vs. Zombies Adventures you no longer are facing assault … Read more

Amazon Game Studios

Living Classics – Amazon’s New Gaming Venture

Re-experience some of your favourite childhood stories with some lively and entertaining illustrations while you race against the clock to spot creatively integrated animations. Imagine a game like Bejeweled crossed with Alice in Wonderland and you will have Living Classics. To add another level to the game, you must complete puzzles and quests in order to rescue the foxes who have gotten lost in each of the different stories.     The puzzles are fun, … Read more

Algadon – Just Another Social Media Game on Facebook

  Hey there.  Facebook has become an integral part of many online users lives.  We interact with business associates, friends, and family through social media outlets such as Facebook.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we look for online entertainment, Facebook is the place to go.  With popular games such as Mafia Wars and Farmville paving the way for Facebook games, many other games have burst to the scene.  Some are awesome, … Read more