How to Recover Deleted Files on Any Device

When working with computers and mobile devices, deleting something or losing a file that you didn't realize you need can cause quite a panic.  And sometimes you may automatically just empty your Windows recycle bin, or don't have that stop-gap at all enabled.  If you find yourself struggling to restore lost files, you have to [...]

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4 Tips to Increase Your Odds of Recovering Deleted Files

Did you accidentally just delete a file (or folder) that was extremely important? Honestly most people have been in that situation at some point or other, though what many don’t realize is that just because a file is ‘deleted’ it doesn’t mean that it is unrecoverable. Through the use of specialized software it is actually [...]

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How to Recover Deleted Data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

  Data Recovery software is more abundant and reachable than ever, and even people without IT technical experience have the ability to recover lost data files, so data recovery is not limited to professionals only. Here, we mainly introduce the free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition and how to use this [...]

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Recover Your Deleted or Formatted Data with Data Recovery

I usually keep so many backups of my data that I don't have to worry about recovering deleted files or data that was on a drive before it was formatted but when Tenorshare contacted me asking if I would review Data Recovery I was curious to see what it could do and how much it [...]

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