Light Up the Dark with the Best Flashlight Apps Available

It’s my opinion that lighting up a dark room shouldn’t be hard or slow, and it certainly shouldn’t drain your battery of all its power. I made it my mission to find the brightest flashlight apps that could turn my device into a beacon in the night – something insanely powerful so I would never need an actual flashlight again. In the process of researching, I found a website called AppGrooves with a top 10 … Read more

Suaoki 4-in-1 Cree Emergency Flashlight Giveaway

Suaoki partnered with Dragon Blogger to give away one of their amazing 4-in-1 Emergency Torch flashlights.  I had done the full review of this flashlight a few weeks ago, and you can read the review for more details but you basically get the following features with the Suaoki Torchlight.   You get a bright LED light that supports low, high and strobe features, you get a seat belt cutter which can also cut carboard or … Read more

Suaoki 4-in-1 Cree Led Rechargeable Brightest Flashlight Torch Review

I really do believe everyone should have an emergency tool in their car for those situations where you may run a flat tire or have your car break down at night while driving on a road.  The Suaoki 4-in-1 Torch Flashlight is one of those such tools.  This 4 in 1 flashlight can do more than just shine a bright Cree LED beam at 280 lums, it has other functions to help you out in a … Read more

Choetech Flashlight and 3 in 1 Emergency Tool Review

I have never before thought of a flashlight as being anything more than just a light with batteries wrapped up in a plastic wrapper. Some desire to be more, and others don’t even make the mark. Choetech has a flashlight that not only shines brightly, but does a whole lot more or less. As a flash light, there are a few things to know. It does not use a traditional bulb, but instead uses a fairly … Read more

Gary’s Mod Article #2 – Stop It Slender!

Welcome to the first article based on a Gary’s Mod Game mode! Stop it slender is a game mode for Gary’s Mod. The game mode features multiple players playing together to collect letters which are scattered around the map in various places. Players will have to use their torchlight, instinct, wits and vision to search around dark places to collect them as they are hidden in obscure places deliberately places to be missed by players, … Read more