Contemporary Technologies Underpinning Modern-Day Vehicles

The automotive industry has, for a long time running, been at the forefront of mechanical and technological advancement and innovation in the USA and within many interconnected areas, from overall performance to features and even safety. Even casual, everyday, and highly accessible vehicles from familiar automakers such as Honda, Toyota, and even Ford’s model range are featuring these pioneering technologies. Particularly the latest versions thereof, which are hitting the market with appeals based on up-to-the-minute … Read more

Ford Improves Waze App Vehicle Integration

The technological advancements in vehicle manufacturing that are aimed at enhancing safety and security go a notch higher every day. Modern vehicles are coming with features such as rear-end cameras, real-time vehicle monitoring systems, forward collision warning systems, and anti-theft systems, among others. You may also have extra features installed in your vehicle to improve its security and to get real-time information. For fleet managers and owners who own several vehicles and employ drivers, they … Read more