Everything You Need To Know About Online Free Games

Heard of something called online free flash games? If not, then here’s your golden opportunity. These are the current gaming options that can be played online for free. By that it’s also meant that one doesn’t need to download the same and that spares the hassle of inviting risks like viruses. For many, online gaming meant purchasing weekly or monthly subscriptions or even renewing them to engage in active gaming. Thanks to the flash concept … Read more

How Stick RPG 2 Became Such A Popular Game

While Stick RPG proved to be incredibly popular, its sequel Stick RPG 2 has gone on to become one of the most played online games. Stick RPG 2 is a 2D game where you have a paper-thin character and paper-thin citizens who all live in a city called ‘Paper Thin.’ As soon as you hit play, you’re thrown in at the deep end. You find yourself in a bizarre and unfamiliar 2D world with no … Read more

Best Free Play Games Online

If you are thinking of fixing that creaking garage door, or of finishing off that important piece of work – forget it! Here are five games to play online: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Based on Douglas Adams’ awesome novels, the BBC remastered this classic text-based game to coincide with the 30th anniversary of its release. The corporation did so by putting it online and allowing users to play it from their browser – … Read more

Having Some Fun With Online Car Games

If you enjoy playing various car themed games, then this site is a car game lovers paradise the site is called Car Games and can be found here http://cargames.org.uk/. There are more games here than I have seen in one place ever before, other than maybe a game store in the mall. There are not only games for car lovers, but also bike lovers, and quad lovers as well. They even have a few games … Read more