Free at Last: Beginners Guide for Aspiring Freelancers

If you asked people what the main source of stress and frustration in their lives was, 8 out of 10 will probably tell you it’s their job. It has become a common trait of the highly competitive world we live in, for people to feel weighed down by their jobs, even if they like it. This is why some are quitting their jobs to start their own businesses, while many more leave their day jobs … Read more

Don’t Miss the Fun of Doing What You Love While Earning

The best advice you’ll ever get in your life is, “do what you love.” It doesn’t matter what you do, make sure you consolidate all your effort into the task at hand. It goes with the saying that anything without love will not have the intended impact. It is for this reason you need to find a path that will satisfy your soul, make you happy while still pumping in dollars. However, most of the … Read more

10 Steps to Making Money from Freelance Blogging by the End of the Month

Making money while doing what you love is something everyone strives for. No matter what age you are or occupation you have, you have probably wondered about blogging and how you can monetize it to make it your primary source of revenue. We’re here today to take a look at some easy steps to making money from freelance blogging in a short period of time. Keep in mind that these tips will take some time … Read more Dashboard and Utility Calculator

The Freelancing Life and How Can Help (Review)

For freelancers, there are many challenges, some of which were unanticipated from the start. Hey, you find what you are good at, and before you know it, people are paying you and the money starts rolling in at a favorable rate. It is easy to miss that part about actually setting up a system for your freelancing business. And, especially formalizing the financial management portion of your freelance business. After all, when did you become … Read more