What Will Future Online Gaming Look Like?

With the profound changes in technology that occur daily, we are left to wonder what the future of everything we are accustomed to today will look like. For instance, what will online gaming look like? How will the world’s favorite pastime change, and what new advances will be available to make the enjoyment that much better? It wasn’t all that long ago that casinos started to move online. This allowed sites like PokerStars to offer … Read more

A Generation That Never Owned a PC

It is only in the past year that I happened to run across a few people (not just one) who were in their early or late twenties who have never owned a personal computer or PC.  I mean never in their lives have they had a computer or laptop running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or anything like we think of when we think of a PC.  They are the post PC generation and I really … Read more

The Future Of Gaming Draws Closer

As the new consoles arrive, hopefully we can look back on old game styles. While they have been the pinnacle of many peoples childhoods and have given fond memories, one could say the future of games looks bright. Many people can think back to when they played retro games, be it Mario or Zelda and recant their tales and journeys but for many youngsters the Xbox One and Playstation 4 may be their first consoles … Read more