Bestek has a Buy it for One Cent Sale

Bestek has sent us products to review before and generally each product has received a solid rating, so when they contacted us about wanting to get more attention to their online store and that they were running a .01 cent sale for many of their products I thought it a good deal to share with our readers.    There were 15 items on the Bestek 1 cent sale total so I suggest you check out … Read more

Gearbest Pokemon Go Hunters Sale

To get in on the Pokemon GO craze Gearbest put together quite a decent sale to help the Pokemon enthusiasts not only capture their Pokemon with the latest gadgets, but also cosplay and have the latest toys related to Pokemon.  First up is the sales, there are a few tablets and smart devices at huge discounts, like the UMI Super 4G which is perfect for playing Pokemon GO and is only $179.99 compared to it’s … Read more

8 Days of Gadgets Flash Sale over at Gearbest

  Gearbest is having an 8 day flash sale on some great gadgets that range from headphones to smartwatches and more. from March 8th until March 15. The Vidonn X6S Smart Watch Detachable Dial Wristband for only $26.99 is one deal example. But you can also get Action cams, like the W9C 1080p action cam for only $32.99 during the sale period too! Headphones, earbuds and other listening devices are also in abundant supply during the flash sale.  Whether … Read more

Showcasing the Everbuying October Sale

    If you are interested in finding some of the latest gadgets on sale, you should be interested in the upcoming tech sale at Everbuying. You already know that Everbuying is the premier location to buy all kinds of technological products. During the month of October, the company will be hosting a gadget sale that is designed to top anything that you have ever seen before. In fact, this is a sale that is … Read more