Top 4 Recommendations for Portable Blu-Ray DVD Players

While online streaming, flash drives, and cable TV have put a strong strain on the significance of DVDs over the past few years, DVDs still remain an awesome way to get entertainment or watch and listen to stuff you love. They’re also a great option to store important files as a backup. For this reason, DVD players still remain significant, which is why home theatres come with a DVD player, many video games have a … Read more

Should You Add The Eken H9R Action Camera To Your Collection?

One thing I’m always looking for is a good action camera. So when I get asked to review one! I never say no when a company wants one reviewed. So a few weeks back our friends over at Eken asked me to Review their new 4k action camera. The H9R 4K action camera. The Eken H9R 4K action camera is a complete kit. I will get more into that in a few first let me show … Read more

Showcasing the Elephone P7000

Since there are many different types of smart phones on the market today, people all over the U.S. and abroad may find it challenging to choose the best one that will fit their needs. Therefore, before an individual makes a selection, there are numerous things that they should know. Some of the most important involve the features that the phone contains and its overall functionality. Once potential buyers find out this information, the next thing … Read more

Skiva Cord2Go Keychain and iPhone Connector

Forget to carry your iPhone charger to office often? Skiva Technologies has developed a foolproof solution to forgetting and misplacing costly connector cables. Cord2Go is a Lightning Port to USB Sync and Charger cable for Apple’s mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Lightning port based devices. Along with inbuilt support for the latest iOS 8, the USP or highlight of this one in several (practically countless) PC to Mobile device connectors is that IT … Read more