Translation Services in 2021 for the Japanese Market in the Indie Game Development Scene

This article is updated regularly. It was last updated in November 2021! Breaking into the Japanese market is already difficult…if you’re an indie game developer, it’s twice as difficult to gain traction in that market. It’s a good thing there are companies who can help you find your footing in this fully loaded and yet untapped international market. The companies that we’ll talk about today are translation services, which help companies break into international markets … Read more

Kids Should Be Taking Summer School Programs

Okay, this article title is about Summer School but more specifically I want to tell you the benefits of why teenagers especially should be taking summer school programs and work toward a career in the video game industry if they have indicated that is the path that they want to pursue.  If your child wants to pursue a career in video games rather than dismiss it as a hobby you should try to encourage them, … Read more

Guide To Developing A Game From Scratch

Game Developing How many times have you played video games and you started dreaming about your own video game, and how it would be? Nowadays, when we look at games like Call of Duty and Counter Strike we get hit by how hard it is to develop a game. On the other hand, if you’re playing Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros, you will immediately feel a glimpse of hope. If you want to start developing … Read more

What To Consider In Choosing The Right Programming Language For Your Game Development

It’s safe to say that most millennials grew up playing video games, and lots even dreamt about the day they could create and develop their own games. One of the most crippling choices, when one is getting interested in this field of work, would be the language that should be used. While most people think of C++ as the right answer to this equation, the right decision actually should be merely based on the game … Read more

Creating Apps & Games? Learn from PAC-MAN

If you are into games, you are probably familiar with all the success Nintendo has been having lately with their releases of mini retro consoles SNES and NES Classic. Well, there is more good news, because the legendary Commodore 64 is about to get its miniature version as well. It will arrive will plenty of goodies to make that retro experience even more complete, including 64 games, CRT filters (because you want to keep those … Read more

Modern Rules for Game Development

With the advancements in hardware technology of computers, gaming consoles and mobiles, gaming has reached a whole new level in terms of immersive gameplay, super realistic graphics and innovative controls. Lots of tools to create and publish the games are now easily available to the developer community. One can pick a powerful game engine like Unreal or Unity3D for free to develop a multi-platform game. Learning game development has never been so easy with the … Read more