How to Prepare a Game for Localization

Games are meant to be enjoyed. Developers, especially Indie developers, will often create the game in their native language and forget one important thing: others will want to play the game, too. If you want to reach a wide audience, you need to consider localization. What is Game Localization? Games have files that, when organized properly, will allow the game to be enjoyed in multiple languages. Localization is simply the ability for players to choose … Read more

How video game customers are growing more than any other industry

The video game industry has evolved a lot in the past decades. The companies had made their occupancy as easy as streaming songs or watching movies on Netflix. There is a big hand of Microsoft, Google, and other such companies that started a revolution by allowing people to play games on their smartphones and other such devices. The companies are now proposing to eliminate the installation cost and make a video stream gaming market where … Read more

The Importance of Data in Game Development

Game development is something that doesn’t just happen overnight. Development of a game takes months, years even and although a lot of gamers tend to get impatient at times waiting for their favorite video game to be released, I’ve learned to become as patient as possible when it comes to a developer wanting to take the time making the game that I want to enjoy as great as possible. When it comes to game development, … Read more

Modern Rules for Game Development

With the advancements in hardware technology of computers, gaming consoles and mobiles, gaming has reached a whole new level in terms of immersive gameplay, super realistic graphics and innovative controls. Lots of tools to create and publish the games are now easily available to the developer community. One can pick a powerful game engine like Unreal or Unity3D for free to develop a multi-platform game. Learning game development has never been so easy with the … Read more