How to Get Geforce Shadowplay to Record Discord Chat Audio for Arctis 7 Headset

So if you are like me and you record a lot of gameplay or live stream with Geforce Experience formerly known as Shadowplay and you are not getting chat audio from discord while recording with Geforce Shadowplay then you may have run into a problem where you are using a USB headset that supports separate game audio and chat channels.  In my case I am using the Arctis 7 gaming headset from Steelseries and it … Read more

Twitch Streamer to Become First to Beat and Stream all Licensed NES Games

For Twitch streamer TheMexicanRunner, speedrunning has been something he has been passionate about for a very long time. Famous for holding world records in games such as Battletoads and Contra however, this Sunday, February 26th TheMexicanRunner is going to become the first person ever to completely finish and live stream all 714 licensed games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The project known simply as NESmania, started back in May of 2014. Basically, how the stream … Read more

OnLive Streams Next Gen Games to iPad and Android Tablets

PCMagazine did a recent review of the Onlive gaming platform which expanded its offering recently to now allow for streaming of platform quality games that you can play on your iPad or Android tablets. Onlive is a game streaming service similar to how Spotify streams music and how Netflix streams movies.  With Onlive typically you purchase a smaller “console” like device that acts like a streaming receiver and you can hook it up to any … Read more