Interview with the Dysmorphia Gaming team

In my call for streamer interviews I had someone reach out to me asking if I would be interested in interviewing a gaming team which wasn’t specifically a streamer or stream team but a group that gamers can join and a community they could be a part of.  I was curious to learn more so I accepted the interview and it was rather unique in that they had me pose my interview questions to the … Read more

Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers – Part 4

So this is my fourth post in my series where I feature streamers whether they are Twitch, Mixer, Dlive, Facebook or YouTube streamers and help my readers learn a little bit more about these entertainers and what their channel is about.  If you are a streamer and want to be featured in either a round up article like this one, or are interested in a potential full interview article then just fill out the contact … Read more

Building a Gaming Community Website

So you have registered your own guild, team, or whatever form of cooperation the game you play implies. You have chosen a name for it, the strategy is developed, and you are ready to conquer the digital lands of fantasy worlds. Something seems to be missing. That’s right – a serious gaming community should have its own website. It may be unclear why your team needs one, but there are several reasons for it. Your … Read more