Is The OPSeat Grand Master Gaming Chair Any Good?

If you're like me you bought store brand PC or office chairs for years and they never lasted long. I think for a while I was buying one about every year. Then I went out and got a high-end gaming chair and it lasted a good four or so years. But now it comes time [...]

Gaming Chair Comparison – Which is the Best Gaming Chair?

Gaming Chair Comparison   You might get jealous seeing your friends and people online getting all these fancy gaming chairs but still you might be a little clueless on which to get.  There are so many options and it’s not like they are a few dollars, usually they are in the hundreds.  In this article, [...]

E-WIN Hero Series HR-BC3D Gaming Chair Review

It seems like not to long ago the first gaming chairs came out, I was so disinterested in them.  Why would you charge so much for a chair, it can’t be that comfortable,... can it?  Last year I came to find I was so wrong and these things are incredibly comfortable, so much more than [...]

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Guide on a Choosing Gaming Chair

Many people believe that it is only either the home or office chairs that should be comfortable. This is because these chairs are where they spend most of their times when relaxing or working. They might be right but contrary to their opinion, other chairs such as the gaming chairs should also be the most [...]

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3 Best Gaming Chairs Review

Gaming chairs are chairs that are specifically designed for people who spend long hours in front of their computers, either for gaming purposes or for office work. This is because all of the features of gaming chairs are aimed towards giving comfort to the gamer. What are the benefits of using gaming chairs? Posture Protection. [...]

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