Overview of the VIVO Black Electric Adjustable Desk

Few things matter for work and for gaming more than a quality gaming desk. With more and more people sitting every single day all day long, having an adjustable desk is a great option. That way, you can switch between standing and sitting throughout the day to give your body a break from a constant sitting position. The VIVO adjustable desk is a great option and today we’ll go over its features so you can … Read more

COUGAR MARS Gaming Desk Review

This is a review of the COUGAR MARS Gaming Desk which was sent to me to review and I needed to use it for at least two months to determine durability rather than just flush out a quick review of the desk without testing how long it held up since unlike normal desks this desk had electronic components involved including a USB Hub and LED light panels built into the desk itself.  We will get … Read more

Does Having A Gaming Desk Help You Perform Better In Games?

There’s a big market emerging when it comes to playing online games. More people are becoming interested in playing games and spending hours sitting in front of their computer screens. However, sitting for an extended period may be detrimental to gameplay performance and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. This is where using a gaming desk enters the picture. Many would even ask if it can help a gamer perform better in games. In this article, … Read more

The Ultimate Gaming Lap Desk

Every gaming enthusiast loves things to be simple and comfortable as they play; nothing is more annoying than feeling something is off with how your gaming spot feels like. If you’re using laptops for mobility and easy access to games wherever you go, then you need the perfect lap desk to go with it. Take a look below at what you need to know about gaming lap desks. What’s so special about them? The amazing … Read more

How to Create the Perfect Desk Space for Your Gaming Sessions

If you’re a serious PC gamer, chances are that you spend a lot of hours sitting on your computer desk. Having the perfect desk requires having a desk that can handle your monitor, has the perfect height, and feels comfortable enough to sit on it for long durations. Most PC gamers focus on getting the perfect computer and then forget all about the desk and the ergonomics of their chairs. Most people think that a … Read more

How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk

For most gamers, the gaming station is usually their comfort zone; a place that lets them relax and enjoy themselves. However, whether you own the latest Xbox or the most advanced release of the PlayStation, your gaming experience cannot be comfortable if there are constraints in terms of space. A gaming table, if chosen carefully, will definitely be of great essence in saving space. The numerous gadgets and devices used in gaming should always get … Read more