Cougar Havoc Gaming Earbuds Review

Gaming headsets are traditionally big and bulky, but more and more companies are coming out with smaller sets so you don’t have to use such a big set. Cougar released these wired Cougar Havoc gaming earbuds and reached out for a review, which I was happy to jump on since I’ve been gaming more often. When it comes to audio for gaming, you want to find some that enhance your gaming experience instead of detracting … Read more

GAMO Gaming Earbuds Bring 3D Surround and Deep Bass

So before I continue with this review I will let readers know that I received an early access prototype version of the Baseus GAMO earbuds and they do not have all the features and kinks fully worked out.  So I am going to say my review and some of the findings I had early on which may be resolved by the time the full production release version of the GAMO earbuds are available to consumers. … Read more

5 Gaming Earbuds for When You Don’t Want to Wear Full Headphones

Most people are used to using a gaming headset when they are playing on the PC or console, but sometimes you don’t want your whole ear covered and you still want to be able to hear what is going on around you.  Gaming earbuds can offer surprisingly good quality for the price without the bulkiness and often have a much lower price tag.  Some even offer 3D Surround Sound taking advantage of digital surround methods … Read more

Kworld S28 Gaming Earbud Review

This is a review of the Kworld S28 Gaming earbuds which I spent a lot of time with using on my PS4 and my iPhone since I was recovering from surgery for over a week.  These gaming earbuds come with interchangeable buds and caps if you don’t like the color that comes on it.  So I was sent to review both the S25 and the S28 gaming earbuds, but this review will focus on the … Read more