The Top Five Gaming Laptops Available Today

Gaming has become a hugely popular pastime over the last decade, and over the past six months the number of players has grown significantly as people look to entertain themselves in isolation. That’s led to an increase of sales in gaming laptops, with all manner of gamers from the likes of battle royale gamers to online bingo players on the market for a new device. It’s been an incredible rise across gaming, with the likes … Read more

2017 Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: Top Models & Specs

Over the weekend, we talked about how cryptocurrency is entering the gaming industry, and now I want to talk about another gaming industry relative newcomer: gaming laptops. Generally speaking, laptops have not been known as a competitive force in the gaming world. They have a reputation for being both more expensive than their desktop foes, less customizable, less powerful, and riddled with overheating problems that drain any value they might’ve had. While it’s true and … Read more

Best Gaming Laptops to Buy in 2017

When it comes time to choose a new laptop for your gaming needs, the choices are varied. The time has come when there are more than just a few gaming laptops to choose from and they don’t all have to break the bank. In fact, you might choose your next gaming laptop based on other factors or variables too. You might choose a budget gaming laptop (because they actually exist now) or one that is … Read more

Some Top Games on the Horizon

I am polling to see what games you want more coverage on, with tips, hints and reviews in the upcoming months on  It is also to let readers know of some fantastic deals going on right now where you can get budget gaming laptops for the price of a tablet (who would ever buy a tablet instead of one of these laptops, unless you already had a great laptop/PC for gaming and just wanted … Read more