Top 34″ Gaming Monitors for 2020

Getting a good gaming monitor is essential if you want to enjoy the games you play. Every year new models are released and we went through some of the top 34″ gaming monitors of 2020 to pick some of the best out there. Here are our top five recommendations for 2020. LG 34GL750-B 34″ Monitor The LG 34″ Ultragear curved monitor has a full HC 2560x 1080 IPS display for ultra clarity while you game. … Read more

Top 32″ Gaming monitors for 2020

Few things are as important to gaming as a good monitor. Whether you need a monitor for fast-paced games or like to play more RPG-based games, the more you can see, the better. We went through some of our favorites in 2020 so you can find the perfect 32″ monitor for what you need. VIOTEK GNV32DB 32-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor This monitor from VIOTEK comes in a variety of sizes, but we’ll be focusing on … Read more

Samsung Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor Overview

When it comes to gaming, few things matter more than the monitor. You can have the best system and a great game, but without being able to view it well, you’re missing out on so much of the gameplay. With the invention of curved gaming monitors, you’re able to see things in even better definition and with a realistic feel. It also gives you the ability to see much more of the area around you, … Read more

Things to consider for getting the best gaming monitor

Whether you are a part-time refresher or a serious gamer, you need to have a good gaming setup for enhancing your experience. And apart from the things like Graphics card, RAM, etc. the best gaming monitor is an important and essential thing. From a high definition LCD to the latest 4K UHD screens, there are a ton of products giving you a range of monitors to select. But before you pay your penny, you should … Read more