Setting Up A Gaming Rig On A Budget

The craze these days is all about playing games and getting the best gaming PC. With worldwide leading manufacturers bringing to every gaming fanatic an inapprehensible amount of different devices, it has become difficult to keep track of all new releases. However, every real gamer knows that you should never buy a new gaming PC, but fix your own gaming rig instead. Some would call it “edgy,” others will think it is cool. Still, one … Read more

Here’s What You Need for the Ultimate Gaming Setup

The bad news is there is no such thing as the ultimate gaming system. Chasing that particular wild snipe is to utterly waste your life, not to mention your money. There are a number of reasons for this. The most basic reason is that there will never be any agreement on what constitutes the ultimate gaming system. Your opinion is exactly as good as another person’s opinion. The other big problem with calling any system ultimate … Read more

Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 570 ITX 4GB 11266-06-20G Video Card Review

Pulse, it’s Sapphire answer to your wallet, but is it worth it?  Sapphire has created a line, separate from its NITRO series card to give you a little more to game with, with a smaller price tag.  Sapphire’s catch here is toning down on the LED lighting, getting rid of the buzz worthy aesthetics and pulling the reigns back on the cooling and a few other things.  You might be scared at the cooling part, … Read more

Struggles of Building a Gaming PC

It’s true that the joy of building your own computer is incomparable. However, if you’re investing $1000 in a computer and it’s going to be your first time building it, then might as well play it safe for now and choose among the best $1000 prebuilt gaming PC. Not only that you avoid the chances of messing up (which is really high) but you can save yourself time and hassle as a whole. But… If you’re … Read more

HyperX CLOUD Stinger Gaming Headphones Review

Now that everything can play audio: consoles, phones, computers and more, it’s hard to find a pair of quality headphones that will work for all of them and sound good too without breaking the bank.  Those days of frantically searching for those headphones or maybe buying multiple pairs might have ended with the HyperX release of the CLOUD Stinger Headphones. Before I get into the headphones themselves, let’s start off with the features and specs. Features and … Read more

The New Console is Just a Gaming PC

Sure, it may have a pretty form factor and some slightly different components, but at it’s core the latest and next generation of big consoles is just PC with a different name. It may not be a titan like the Prodigy Overclocked GT but consoles are being argued as being low to mid range gaming rigs and that the days where a console was about 1-2 year ahead of PC gaming technology ended with the … Read more

HP Envy Phoenix h9-1320t Review

    When it comes to gaming on the PC it’s great because you have so many options as far as exactly what you can have put into your computer these days from the graphics cards to the sound, it’s really up to you. However that can get a little expensive when it comes to building your own gaming PC. So if you are looking for a PC that is just ready to go and … Read more