Razer Edge Pro-tablet mode

Razer Edge Pro: A Gaming Tablet Overview

With the innovation of smart phones and tablets, portable devices and their apps are making tremendous impact on people and technology markets. There is tough competition between a handful of companies to make superior and excellent quality portable gaming consoles. If  you are  passionate about portable devices and gaming? …then it’s a good news for all die hard gamers. The Razer Edge Pro which is a gaming tablet that allows you to play powerful 3D graphical PC … Read more

Project Fiona – Gaming On A New Level

What is Project Fiona? Project Fiona is Razer’s new Gaming tablet . It boasts top end specs and will be able to play almost any pc game; this also fills a large hole in being able to play online games on the go, so as normal many seemed very optimistic. The tablet was in concept for around a year and in September fans got there biggest break, a chance to make this sleek and beautifully … Read more