How Youngsters and Students Set Gaming Trends

Every generation brings new insights to the world. Youngsters have enough energy and time to introduce fresh ideas and projects and advocate them against older opponents. The gaming industry is especially flexible in terms of changes ruled by young people. Let’s discover what are these changes. How youngsters are different Here’s a quick overview of the main principles of the 20th-century generational differences: I. Generation and Silent Generation (born before 1945): patriotism, hard work, persistence, … Read more

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Top Games in 2018: What is Everyone Playing These Days?

Hundreds of games come out each year for all the different platforms that are available today, but only a few manage to garner the attention that every title seeks. So, which games did manage to get the most attention and critical acclaim from gamers this year? Let’s find out now. Royalty Free Photo Fortnite and PUBG Right now, the competitive gaming world is divided between two online shooters and they are called Fortnite and Player … Read more