How Gleam Giveaway Platform is Handling GDPR Compliance

Gleam is the preferred giveaway platform that we use here on when we run giveaways for everything from products to Steam game codes.  So it is important to know that Gleam values entrants and users privacy and I felt it was worth sharing their plans for GDPR compliance so that entrants can rest assured they have control over their identities. Reprinted from the Gleam Blog: How Gleam is Handling GDPR As you’re no doubt … Read more

Facebook Policy Changes and The Effect on Giveaways and Sweepstakes

So last week Facebook announced some clear policy changes that were provided to API developers and particularly these are about crushing Like Gates and removing “incentivized liking” of fanpages.  What this means to bloggers and sweepstakes folks is that you no longer can require someone to like a fanpage to enter a sweepstakes, and you can no longer grant them entries in a giveaway or sweepstakes in exchange for a like of a fanpage.  Facebook … Read more

Gleam Giveaway Platform Now Has Referral Program

The Gleam sweepstakes platform now has a pretty fantastic referral program that bloggers can take advantage of right away.  Now if you refer anyone to sign up and use to run their next or future giveaways you will receive either credit which can be applied as discounts to your own subscription or cash. Just log into and go under your account settings, there you can get your affiliate URL for and start … Read more

Gleam is One Fantastic Giveaway Platform

I have tested quite a few giveaway platforms online and Gleam has something that none of the others have that you may want to look at if you do a lot of giveaways, contests or sweepstakes online. Now, when I first tested Gleam I made the decision to try a contest instead of a giveaway which turned out to be a poor choice but this wasn’t any fault of the platform as many of … Read more