Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Trailer Video Wows Web

Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt treated thousands of viewers on Thursday September 13 in a live Google+ Hangout to a trailer of their upcoming biopic “Lincoln.”  In the trailer, we witness an uncanny Daniel Day Lewis take on the gravitas of one of America’s most iconoclastic presidents.  The snippet reveals what appears to be both a reserved and fiery performance on Lewis’ part.  We see Lincoln neither romanticized on the battlefield or building up enough … Read more

Standardization of Video Chat Protocols

With the Microsoft Skype deal happening, Apple Facetime, Google Hangout and an increasing number of video chat programs and protocols spreading like tendrils across the digital world we will see a fragmentation of video chat if there isn’t a unified protocol that all video chat platforms can standardize on. Let’s face it, the video call is here and has been for a few years, the only thing preventing it from being the standard in conversation … Read more