Journey of Pixel Phones with Must See Infographic

From the past few years, we are ritualized to the launch of a new Google smartphone every year. This was a trend that started nearly a decade ago with the Nexus series and is still in practice today with the Pixel series. This shows Google long time vision into the smartphone category. Their entire smartphone journey right from the genesis of Android is captured beautifully by the infographic created by HomeTop shown below. The first … Read more

Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD A1000BLK Review

Thumb drives are a dime a dozen now, coming in all shapes, sizes and speeds but it is really hard to find a good one.  Good speeds, sizes and shapes determine usually what drives we buy and this one might fit the bill.  Today we will be looking at the Glyph Atom Black 1TB SSD, yeah 1 terabyte of portable storage, but it is not a regular thumb drive.  Let’s check out the specifications first. … Read more