7 Tips for Using the GoPro Camera

When using the action cameras for photography, there are some tips that a person can use to take a great picture and now taking a good shot is easier than ever. There are some tips and tricks that a person can use to take great photos with your GoPro, which I am sharing with you. 1. Composure A great picture is usually crafted. It is better to take steps to make the picture come out … Read more

GoPro Price and Cheap Alternatives

Today I’m going to give you 18 things to know about the new GoPro Hero8 Black. I’m going to go into a little bit of the detail and stuff, kind of the under the covers, how things actually work on these cameras; and then we’ll talk about the good and the bad of these cameras. They are definitely not perfect and there are some things that I love and some things that drive me absolutely … Read more

1 Eye Products 1080p Action Camera Review!

Did you ever want an action cam but not want to spend the money on a GoPro.  Well this is my situation too, but are these budget action camera’s good enough to use. My friends over at 1 Eye Products sent me their 1080p action cam. This camera is compatible with any GoPro  mount they claim. I will get more into that in a few. In this kit you have a nice amount of goodies ranging from helmet mounts … Read more

Tough Love: Caring for Your GoPro

Designed to thrive in some of the most technology-hostile environments on the planet, and outfitted with its signature waterproof shell the GoPro is one of the toughest cameras on the market. However, that doesn’t mean some basic maintenance won’t help it endure the abuses of an active lifestyle even longer. A few simple measures can greatly extend the operational life of your equipment, so when you buy the GoPro hero4 at Harvey Norman be sure … Read more