When Bloggers Have Writers Block

When you have been blogging for 10 years like I have for this site you go through periods of time where you get writers blog or “bloggers block” where you just don’t feel like writing about anything.  Even as product and video game reviewers my staff and I can go through periods where we just don’t feel like churning out another review, testing out another product because most of us have full time jobs and … Read more

NoFollow Guest Blogging and What You Need to Know

The requests are pouring in for sites all over the web that were generous with guest posting on their blogs and if you are one of those sites that published articles from MyBlogGuest or other websites that offer guest posts or guest posts via direct requests you may have seen requests similar the template outlined below which I have received over 100 of these requests in the past 30 days so far alone. We have … Read more

Do Guest Posts Backfire for Advertisers?

I have always allowed guest posts on dragonblogger.com and as long as contributors submit quality articles that my readers will find either informative, educational or entertaining they may have a place if they cover the right focus area’s.  Typically when a writer or blogger contacts me requesting to submit a guest article I let them know what topics I think would be a good fit based on what articles I have queued and what emerging … Read more