Opening 30 Unidentified Dyes in Guild Wars 2

The other day I thought I was in luck when I tried my hand at 30 unidentified dyes as I had some laurels to spend and wanted to get as many duplicates as possible for when the Guild Wars 2 feature pack released which would reimburse a ton of unidentified dyes that were duplicated between accounts. I wanted new dye colors as well as maybe some rare ones to sell as I needed to boost … Read more

No Voice or Mouth Movements in Guild Wars 2 Animated Sequences

I have had the most vexing gaming troubleshooting over the past few weeks where both of my sons who have Lenovo Z575 laptops play Guild Wars 2, and my oldest son has a problem with the game where there is no speech or movements of character mouths during animated sequences, like whenever you are in cut scenes talking with other characters.  It happens at every cut scene, even in game play where you should be … Read more

Entered the Guild Wars 2 Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest

Most people know what a fan of Guild Wars 2 I am, so when I saw the Rock the Nightmare video contest and how simple it was to enter I decided to create an entry and toss my hat into the ring.  I don’t really expect to win, but it was just fun to put something together to pay a little tribute and be part of the Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest. To commemorate … Read more

Guild Wars 2 Molten Alliance Pick No Longer Available

A few weeks back during the Anniversary sale on the Black Lion Trading Company I did spend some gems on a Molten Alliance Pick which is permanent and lets you harvest ore which is a fantastic item to have for your character if you do a lot of mining and want to stock up on Mithril, Iron, Copper or other ores. Unfortunately I found out after I had bought it that the item is soul … Read more

Shared Currency in Guild Wars 2 with The Wallet

Guild Wars 2 finally introduced the Wallet in the latest build update which now allows you to combine all of your characters currency into a single shared wallet that any account can draw from.  No more having to find the nearest crafting station to deposit money from one character so another can withdraw it. The wallet is easily accessible by going to your character screen (H) and simply pressing on the coins icon to the … Read more

Enhanced Daily Achievement System with Guild Wars 2 Update

  I have been a huge Guild Wars 2 fan and this is primarily the game that takes up most of my time on nights and weekends when I get a few hours to play. Guild Wars 2 recently released and update that revamped the Daily Achievements system to make it more dynamic, random and also added a separate new currency called the Laurel with new currency vendors scattered throughout the cities of Tyria to … Read more

Which Race Will You Be in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 which is set to release on August 28th by NCSoft (get access 3 days early if you pre-order on showcases a handful of playable races to add some diversity from the human driven campaigns of the original Guild Wars game and expansion packs. These races add their own distinctive stories, quests and choices to the mix and make the replay-ability factor very high for Guild Wars 2. So here is a … Read more