4 Recording Equipment You’ll Need to Start Your Own Home Studio

Building a home recording studio sounds exciting to many of us. The only downside to this is that it takes a lot of time, proper research, and preparation to build one. If you are aiming for improving your ability to produce quality sounds in your home, then you have probably wondered what kind of equipment is necessary. You are perhaps already thinking about the equipment’s cost and the endless options online. Fortunately for you, we … Read more

Tt eSPORTS Metalcaps 38-Keycaps Set Review

We have been reviewing keyboards for a long time now, be that membrane or mechanical, but there’s one thing that we still never got to try out. And thanks to our friends over at Tt eSPORTS, today, we’ll be checking out their 38-key Metalcaps set. Compared to the normal keycaps you’d find on the market or the ones that came with your keyboard are made out of plastic (ABS or PBT), the Metalcaps from Tt … Read more

5 Useful and Practical mods for your 5.25″ Front Drive Bay

Hey there DragonBlogger readers! Most PCs I’ve seen in real life or online usually reside in a PC Case. And in most situations, these cases have at least a couple of front 5.25″ drive bays. Now, most casual users install something like a DVD or a Blu Ray player. Or if they need it, they would prefer installing an all in one memory card and USB 3.0 Hub into their spare slots. Going further, some … Read more

Extemely Disastrous Gaming Consoles

We are now in a time period where there are basically 3 main contenders, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. But obviously this wasn’t always the case, back before Sony and Microsoft had gotten their hands dirty, Sega, Atari and Nintendo were the most famous names among Video game console manufacturers. Today, however, we’re going to take a look at the things which no company wants to remember or acknowledge, the failures. Before we proceed, be sure … Read more

Clean Your Desktop Laptop Computer

How To Keep Your Laptop Or Desktop Computer Clean

Do you keep swiping at your computer screen/monitor all the time? Is there dirt on the edges of your keyboard buttons? Does your computer mouse keep sticking to the table often? How thick are the layers of dust over your computer’s hardware equipment? Just like any piece of furniture, your computer is bound to collect dust and dirt over time. The most concerning thing however, is the stuff you can’t even see. What about bacteria … Read more