HAWKEN Promo Code and iPhone Case Giveaway

Greetings to the HAWKEN pilots and Dragonblogger fans out there. Quite a few of you have been on the hunt for a HAWKEN promo code lately and it just so happens that we recovered one from the battlefield. Well – we arranged for Meteor Entertainment to give us one but of course that’s just as good! Enjoy the free 2,000 HAWKEN credits and be sure to share the promo code with your friends quickly before … Read more

HAWKEN Promo Codes and Free Credits

Promo Codes are valid as of July 3, 2013. Are you a new player or experienced pilot interested in upgrading his mech collection or adding on a new internal? Earning HC in HAWKEN is fairly steady but there are times when any player starts to become strapped for cash.  Thankfully, the HAWKEN team releases a stream of promo codes from month to month and we like to keep an eye on them. Below are several … Read more

New HAWKEN Mech Announced at PAX East

Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment had quite a booth presence at PAX East 2013. Little did HAWKEN fans know that the team’s visit to PAX meant more than just an opportunity to show off the game’s current capabilities. Those who have kept up to date with the producer letters are probably aware of the developers’ pledge to release at least one mech a month. So far, the latest additions to the lineup have been the … Read more

HAWKEN Competitive Community Talk with Hugs

On Wednesday February 13 at 3:30 PM PST HAWKEN staff member Hugs joined a discussion with several players from the competitive community.  Click on the image below to listen to the whole broadcast by The Cockpit or read the highlights we compiled of Hugs’ most important answers with very minor edits for clarity.  Each highlight has a timestamp placed next to it if you want to hear Hugs elaborate even more on the subject. Thank … Read more

Hawken E3 Machinima Party Video and Beta Details

I have been twitching with excitement after getting my hands on an alpha build of the upcoming mech FPS HAWKEN. I was invited to the exclusive HAWKEN E3 Machinima Party and spent the evening battling other game reviewers and machinima makers. Below is my account of what happened and a few details about what you can expect to see in the beta. Party Details Waiting for me at the top of the balcony of the LUXE Hotel was an experience I had been … Read more