Tribit QuietPlus 50 Headphone Review

With so many of us having to work from home these days, having a pair of headphones that can drown out the surrounding noise is essential. Tribit reached out to see if I wanted to test their new QuietPlus 50 headphones that are designed to block out as much noise as possible. As someone who works from home I’m always on the hunt for new noise-blocking technology, so I was happy to give these a … Read more

Doltech TWS T20 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones / Earbuds review

As someone always on the hunt for good headphones, I was happy to give these earbuds from Doltech a test. Overall, if you’re looking for a set of earbuds that have a portable neck charger, it’s a good option. I wouldn’t say it’s something I’m going to be using too much because I don’t have a desire to wear something on my neck to just charge my headphones, but for some people it might make … Read more

MPOW H17 Headphone Review

Headphones are a great option for any one, especially someone working from home. I’m always on the hunt for some good headphones that are comfortable to wear for a long time without straining my head. MPOW reached out to have their H17 headphones reviewed. Overall, for the price point they’re decent in terms of weight and sound. The bass is nice, also. Loud sounds (like gamers yelling) seems to make them vibrate too much to … Read more