Heroes of the Storm Brawl Mode Play

For those who enjoy Heroes of the Storm but want there to be a little more PvP focus, you have weekly Brawl Mode and this week’s brawl as Sgt. Hammer vs Sgt. Hammer with 10 tanks dominating the map against each other.  Your base was immune to attack so you had to fight to capture the control points to be able to damage each others base until only one team survived.  My first Heroes of … Read more

Heroes of the Storm Review and Now Available

I never had the time and patience to dive into League of Legends or DoTA 2 but have always loved Blizzard’s take on every game genre they have done and this included their Hearthstone card game which is like a trimmer lighter version of Magic the Gathering that is easier to play and much more accessible.  Well Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA that is approachable by anyone who was daunted by LoL.  You … Read more