The Magnifying Solution For Every Hobby Need

If you have ever had the good fortune to be working with jewelry, electrical components, watches, textiles or geodes, you would know the joy of tinkering with small items. You would also be attuned to the need for seeing these intricate things up close. Seeing things closely is an issue only solved by few methods. These methods are usually clunky or awkward magnifying glasses. Today, I am here to tell you the best solution. Imagine … Read more

Best Board Games to Try This Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season is the time to come together with family members and share some worthwhile moments. One of the fun things to do is to play board games. Although old-fashioned, board games come with a lot of excitement that nothing else can beat. If you’re looking for the best games your whole family will love playing together, here are some top picks.   Bananagrams Bananagrams is a relatively new game when it comes … Read more

Review of the 3D Pen by GearBest

Star date, 68722.5.  Replicators…. Now have become…. Portable and small enough… to carry in hand and humanity,… is in for a treat.  Thanks Captain Kirk for starting this review right, but this was actually introduced in Jean-Luc’s time, I guess he saw it when he was time travelling.  If you calculate that star date you will find that it comes up as April 4, 2015 so that’s not the future, that’s today (at least the … Read more