The Wireless Revolution: Home Security in The Digital Age

How are you enjoying your new home with its new automation systems? It must look amazing, not to mention you can do a lot of things conveniently. But is it safe? One thing that worries people who own a smart home is its safety and for good reason. Your home is more than just a property. It is a place where you and your loved ones should feel safe. You cannot stop or control the … Read more

Smart Home Control and Monitoring System Using Android

One of the most prominent uses of today’s technology involves the use of electrical appliances and gadgets in order to acquire the best livable house possible. Home automation or smart homes can be described as introduction of technology within the home environment to provide convenience, comfort, security and energy efficiency to its occupants. These kinds of houses are equipped with different electrical appliances, from smart TVs, to smart kitchenware, installed by mobile and easy to … Read more

Factory Automation and Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of the Robot Revolution

 In a world obsessed with the antihero and robotic doomsday scenarios that bring about our end, it seems that robotics have been given a bad rap in just about every summer blockbuster from today’s Iron Man to as far back as 2001: Space Odyssey. And those are just the ones in recent memory –one of history’s first ever silent films called The Mechanical Man was about a robot misused by a woman to commit crimes … Read more