What The Experts Are Saying About Home Security Systems

More and more families are being enticed to install Home Security Systems for added security and convenience. Advertisements for various security system products have promising features for surveillance and home protection. These systems have already upgraded from the traditional alarm systems to smart doorbells that allows you to avoid unwanted visitors and lessen the risk [...]

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Utilizing the Technology to Beef Up Your Home Security

Home protection measures are crucial for the overall safety of your house or apartment nowadays. Playing such a major role in our lives, technology must be used to safeguard our belongings and protect our pets and loved ones inside our homes. Different technological gadgets and software programs are available for use, so let’s take a [...]

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Win a VideoShield 2-Camera Video Monitoring System from Home8

Home Security is a valuable gift for anyone and now you can enter to win a VideoShield 2-Camera video monitoring system which gives you real time monitoring, alarms and more for your home.  This makes the ultimate gift for you or a family member/friend who can use a security system to monitor their home that [...]

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Things to Do for Ensuring Home Wireless Network Security

Would you be okay if a stranger, who may be a potential threat, lurk around your house and peep through the windows? If no, then you should be also aware of the fact that you might be under the surveillance of certain people in the virtual world of internet as well. These people, popularly known [...]

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Review of the Home8 MiniCube HD2 Security System

If you've been on the market for an affordable solution to home security, look no further! Allow me to introduce the Home8 MiniCube HD2 Security System! Check out my unboxing video, below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbnvbMZ8hg4 Okay, seems pretty cool right? Let's dive into the features first! Features: 24/7 Intelligent Recording - Enables Automatic Recording of motion or sound triggered [...]

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Help Fund Guardoor for DIY 24×7 App-Based Home Security

Worried about Home Security? Who isn't! Somewhere between a hair-triggered shotgun and a highly expensive invisible laser based security system, San Francisco based KIKTEC has developed a cheap yet effective DIY (Do It Yourself) solution called GUARDOOR for guarding doors and windows through PC, Tablet and Mobile Apps for just $79 per point. Even the most security [...]

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