How to Protect your Smart Home Video Devices from Hacking

The inexorable march of Internet-enabled home appliances and devices has arrived – with largely amazing results. From televisions, refrigerators, intruder alarm systems, and especially the ubiquitous home video and closed-circuit television devices (CCTVs, monitors, and the like), they have made life easier for the great majority of households that use them. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is in full swing. And as more and more of these appliances enter markets and homes all over … Read more

Utilizing the Technology to Beef Up Your Home Security

Home protection measures are crucial for the overall safety of your house or apartment nowadays. Playing such a major role in our lives, technology must be used to safeguard our belongings and protect our pets and loved ones inside our homes. Different technological gadgets and software programs are available for use, so let’s take a look at some of the best home security options. Face Recognition Technology This is just one of the many different … Read more

Must-Have Devices to Level Up Your Home Entertainment

We live in an age of continuous technological advancements, and that means everything we use is digitized, automated, and simply makes our lives easier. Home automation is the future, and it’s a trend that will live on in many homes. Whether you use it for safety, to simplify and speed tasks or chores, or even for entertainment, smart devices were labeled ‘smart’ for an excellent reason. They always have a way of amplifying any experience … Read more

Where Will Smart Home Tech Go Next? These Predictions May Tell

If it seems like smart home technology has really taken off in popularity, this is correct. A Nielsen MediaTech Trender survey has found that of the homes in the United States that have a smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home, four out of 10 homeowners have more than one of these devices in the house. In addition, 62 percent of these smart speaker owners started using the innovative device within the last six months, and … Read more

Top Cutting-Edge Tech for Your Home

Technology has always found a way of infiltrating into our lives, including the most mundane tasks like pet sitting. There is, therefore, no doubt that we are happy to incorporate them into our homes. These technological devices make life easier and more fun by making the performance of tasks easier, faster and more effective. However, these devices vary a great deal in terms of functionality, features, and effectiveness at their job. Some are smarter than … Read more